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Geek In St. Pete, and Kirk Malicki, will not be held liable for lost data or any damage resulting from a remote repair session.   We cannot be held responsible for a computer in a previously unknown condition. Such a computer could be in a condition of imminent failure and, as such, could fail during a remote repair session or a repair service and appear to have been caused by the remote repair session or repair service. Although our technicians take precautions, there is always a risk of accidental data loss. By purchasing support or computer repair from Geek In St. Pete, and Kirk Malicki, you agree to all the terms of service herein and assume all risks. Geek In St. Pete, and Kirk Malicki, will NOT be held responsible for any damages caused by the services of any third-party service providers recommended by us or not.

Phone support or training: $87.00 initial set up cost including first hour or 5 minutes.  After first hour the charge is by 15 minute segments at $87.00 per hour.